Hamamatsu City(浜松市)

The largest city between Yokohama (横浜) and Nagoya (名古屋)

With a population of about 800,000, Hamamatsu is the largest city in Shizuoka prefecture(静岡県)as well as between Yokohama(横浜)and Nagoya(名古屋). It is about 1.5 hour by Hikari and 2 hour by Kodama of Tokaido Shinkansen(東海道新幹線)from Tokyo. Both business and restaurant areas are conveniently located around the station and the downtown area is well organized, clean, and looks spacious than some of other large cities in Japan.

Known as an industrial city, especially for musical instruments and motorcycles

The city is the birthplace of Honda and Suzuki has its headquarters in the city. The musical instrument industry here originated in the piano and now Yamaha, Kawai Musical Instruments Manufacturing, and Roland, the top three manufacturer in the industry, all headquarter in Hamamatsu. The city has the only public musical instrument museum in Japan.

Developed as castle town and then post town since the 16th century

The city was developed as a castle town of Hamamatsu castle(浜松城)during Sengoku era(戦国時代), the “Age of Civil Wars” in 16th century. Tokugawa Ieyasu(徳川家康), the first shogun of Tokugawa administration(徳川幕府)of Edo period(江戸時代), was raised at Hamamatsu castle during Sengoku era. In the Edo period, the city was further prospered as a post town on Tokaido(東海道), one of Japan’s five “Highways” at the time.

Entry point to Hamanako Lake(浜名湖)

Hamana-ko lake(浜名湖)is the sixth largest lake in Honshu main island and can be seen on both sides from Shinkansen soon after leaving Hamatsu staion when you are heading to the west. The lake itself is 10-15 km away from JR Hamamatsu and the most touristic spot, Kanzanji onsen(舘山寺温泉), is about 50 min away by bus (or 35 min by car) and is more easily accessed when you drive along Tomei Express Way(東名高速道路)running between Tokyo(東京)and Nagoya(名古屋).

If you want to spend more time with the lake but with less time than going to the onsen area, visiting Bentenjima station(弁天島駅)of JR Tokaido line(東海道線)is highly recommended – this is where you see the lake from Shinkansen. The ocean side of the lake is just 3 min walk from the station and Hamanako-ohashi bridge can be also enjoyed.

City of Eel(鰻) and Gyoza(餃子)

Although the production is declining, eel from Hamanako lake has been long appreciated by Japanese. In recent years, the city rivals Utsunomiya(宇都宮) every year for its Hamamatsu gyoza(浜松餃子)consumption.

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