Kanzanji Onsen at Hamanako Lake(浜名湖舘山寺温泉)

Relatively new onsen with great view of Hamanako lake(浜名湖)

Kanzanji Onsen(舘山寺温泉)is about a 50 min bus ride or 35 min drive from JR Hamamatsu station(浜松駅)and is a relatively new spring with its open in 1958. Although this first spring and the second one (opened in 1977) are not used any more, the third one (opened in 1989) and the latest one (opened in 2008 after digging into 2000 meter in depth) are currently in operation.

Map of Kanzanji Onsen
(English map of the area available from the Lake Hamana Kanzanji Onsen Tourism Association site)

Attractions in Kanzanji Onsen(舘山寺温泉)

Access to Kanzanji Onsen(舘山寺温泉)

Photo Gallery

Kanzanji Ropeway


Kanzanji onsen town


Hamanako Palpal


Kanzanji temple


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