JR Bentenjima@Hamamatsu (JR弁天島駅@浜松 )

Easiest location to enjoy Hamana-ko lake(浜名湖)on the way

This unknown station to most tourists is the base of wonderful view of Hamana-ko Lake (浜名湖) and Hamanako-ohashi bridge (浜名湖大橋), both of which you as tourists or business person might have seen through the window of Tokaido shikansen(東海道新幹線)when going back and forth between Tokyo(東京) and Nagoya/Kyoto/Osaka(名古屋/京都/大阪).

The lake’s center of tourism is Kanzanji-onsen(舘山寺温泉) area, which is about 50 min away by bus from JR Hamamatsu station(浜松駅). So JR Bentenjima station(弁天島駅), which is only a 12 min train ride (every 20 min) from JR Hamamatsu, is by far easier place to enjoy the lake.

Although written in Japanese, the below map may give you a sense of how the neighborhood around the station is structured with the lake.


How to spend around JR Bentenjima station(弁天島駅)

There are few items with which you may end up spending more than half a day…

  • Walk 3 min to Minami(South)-Hahamako lake(南浜名湖) and spend at Bentenjima Kaihin-koen Park(弁天島海浜公園)
  • Hop on to a pleasure boat run by an active fisherman who guides the lake. Only Japanese is spoken here but the fisherman welcome tourists from any country with the warmest hospitality→Minami Hamana Lake Pleasure Cruise(南浜名湖遊覧船)
  • Rent a bicycle at the same park. The bike can be returned to any of the seven cycling terminals along the entire Hanama-ko lake with an additional fee (JPY1000).→Lake Hamana Cycling Road Going around the entire lake may take 50-80 km depending on the route. Hamanako Cylce Tourism HAMAICHI   This map may also be useful to capture what the entire lake looks like.
  • Soak in Minami-Hamanako Bentenjima Onsen(南浜名湖弁天島温泉)with a great lake view at the top of a resort hotel in front of the JR station. Day time use is 15:00-24:00
  • Eat roasted eel(鰻の蒲焼), the lakes specialty→List of restaurant at Betenjima(お食事処)in Japanese

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