Shimizu Port Water Bus & Miho-no-Matsubara(清水港水上バス & 三保の松原)

Short trip to the Fuji viewing peninsula by water bus and bicycle

Miho-no-matsubara(美保の松原), one of the component asset of Mt. Fuji World Heritage, can be visited with a combination of local bus, bicycle, and Shimizu Port Water Bus(清水港水上バス) . Since Shimizu port is one of the three most beautiful ports in Japan along with Kobe port and Nagasaki port, a route using water bus from Ejiri port(江尻港)(five minute walk from JR Shimizu station) is highly recommended.

To capture the entire picture of the port, this booklet with the above map is useful (Passport to Miho-no-Matsubara) . As for discount ticket information, refer to this brochure (Shimizu Port Maguro Trip Pass)

The small bay beside the peninsula is also a home of marine sports for beginners to professionals. GOSEAS SURF Windsurfing School, just next to the Miho port, offers a half to one day lesson for windsurfing and SUP (stand up paddling).

Combination of water bus and local bus

  1. Walk about 4 min from the east exit of JR Shimizu station to the fish market Kashi-no-ichi(河岸の市)
  2. Take the water bus from Ejiri port(江尻乗り場). It takes 25 min to Miho port(三保乗り場) via Hinode port(日の出乗り場) Refer to infomration on water bus timetable and discount ticket for water bus and local bus (Japanese)を参照
  3. Go to the nearby S-puls renshujo-iriguchi suijo-bus noriba(エスパルス練習場入口水上バス乗り場)bus stop to take a bus to go to JR Shimizu station(清水駅)and get off at Miho-no-Matsubara iriguchi(三保松原入口)bus stop
  4. It is about 15 min walk from the bus stop to Miho-no-Matsubara(三保松原)
  5. Use the same bus to go back to JR Shimizu station

Combination of water bus and bicycle

  1. Rent a bicycle at a shop next to Ejiri port(江尻乗り場), the water bus stop. It is JPY500 per day and bicycles can be rent at Hinode port(日の出乗り場)as well. Tel:054-353-2221
  2. Get on the water bus with your bicycle. It is about 25 min to Miho port(三保乗り場)
  3. Enjoy Miho peninsula(三保半島) and Miho-no-Matsubara(三保の松原)by bicycle and go back to your origin port.

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