Nagata (鶏料理なが田)

My most favorite chicken restaurant in Kyoto located in Kamishichiken, one of city’s five geisha districts such as Gion and Pontocho. Nagata-san, the owner/chef, has >50 years of experience in chicken dishes and nicely and naturally expressed a traditional Japanese atmosphere for the interior. If you stroll around the quiet district (still unknown to most tourists including Japanese locals) and Kitano-tenmangu shrine for an hour or two in the late afternoon, Nagata probably is the best place to close the day with wonderful dinner served by the friendly/gentle chef. As requested in advance, Nagata-san can invite a maiko (apprentice geisha) to the restaurant for a fee.

3 min walk from Kamichighiken or Kitano-tenmangu-mae bus stop
15 min walk from Kitano-hakubaicho station of Randen Kitano line
Tel: 075-467-8810
17:00 – 22:30, closed on Thursdays
Tatami room low tables upstairs or counter downstairs
Click here for Nagata official HP

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